Deposit and hold tokens

Get 1% monthly returns

Earn more than 12% APY

As passive as it can get, you don’t need to do anything


What is our offer?
How 12% APY are possible?

We are here to give you with an opportunity to provide liquidity to the biggest crypto exchanges in the world. 12% APY are possible because crypto exchanges need funds for margin trading and they are genuinely interested in giving a good ROI percentage to people, who provide them with such opportunity.

We create a cryptocurrency investment fund CryptoInvestDAO to connect the exchanges and you, as an investor. By providing all the instruments you need and helping you to manage your funds. For you, this is an absolute passive income.

We are as tranparent as it can get with you, we cannot guarantee that this situation will remain as it is in, for example, five years. That’s why our investment period is only one month! So, every month you will get 1% return, which can be withdrawn or reinvested, you will have the choice at the end of each cycle!

How do we operate?
How can you invest?

CryptoInvestDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based on XDAO. XDAO is a fully customizable tool that can be used for treasury management. It is also a multi-signature wallet and investment platform. The XDAO platform has undergone several audits, which confirms the security of its smart contracts.

CryptoInvestDAO is managed by a supervisor and two assistants. The supervisor has 50 GT (Governance Token) and the assistants have 25 GT each. A minimum of 75% of votes are required to make a decision, so any transaction in DAO requires the signature of the supervisor and one of the assistants, which greatly increases the level of security.

CryptoInvestDAO work algorithm:

cryptoinvestDAO investing cycle diagram

Our process.
In great detail.

1. Raising funds for start

We have calculated that taking into account operating costs, the recommended amount of investment to start a cryptocurrency investment fund is $50000.

We will not use a lunchpad to raise money so as not to block investors’ funds until the launch.

Fundraising for the launch of the first cryptocurrency investment fund in the Polygon network is currently underway. Opened the receipt of deposits in cryptocurrency USDC. To invest funds, go to

In the lower left corner, select Polygon network (see picture below (desktop version)).

Make sure your personal wallet also has the Polygon network selected.
Connect your wallet by clicking the “Connect” button in the upper left corner (see figure below (desktop version)).

Funds will be raised through the Public Offering. The value of the liquidity provider token (LP) is equal to 1 USDC (will further increase at the start of each new investment cycle). To invest funds, click the “Public Offer” button (see figure below (desktop version))

In the window that appears, click “Approve”. After confirming the transaction, enter the amount of USDC you want to invest and click “Buy”.

As soon as the recommended amount for startup is collected in the cryptocurrency investment fund account, we will launch the investment process.

2. Start the cycle

Prohibit withdrawal of funds (Ability to burn LP = Off).
Prohibit collecting new funds (Deactivate Public offer).

3. Investing funds

Transfer money from the treasury of the cryptocurrency investment fund to the exchanges and invest for 30 days.

4. Attract new investments

Allow the collection of new funds for 31 days (before the start of the next investment cycle). To do this we activate the Public Offer, preliminarily increasing LP value by 1%:

LP(new)=LP(current)*1.01 USDC

The collection of new funds during the 31st day is made for convenience. New funds do not participate in the profit sharing process in the current investment cycle. It does not matter if they are added on day 1 or 31 of the current investment cycle.

5. Distribution of profits and withdrawal of funds

Transfer money (including profits) from the exchange to the treasury of the cryptocurrency fund.
Allow withdrawal of funds (Ability to burn LP = On) for 24 hours.

To withdraw funds, click “Burn LP” button (see picture below (desktop version))

In the window that appears, click “Approve”. After confirming the transaction, select the checkbox next to USDC, enter the number of LPs you want to burn (swap to USDC), and click the “Burn LP” button.

6. Starting a new cycle

We start a new investment cycle.

Have audience?
Would like to collaborate?

If you can invest or attract investors to start a new cryptocurrency investment fund (recommended amount for startup is $50K), we are ready to adjust its work according to your wishes and our capabilities. The cryptocurrency investment fund will be under our management so it will be 100% passive for you, terms of cooperation are discussed individually.

What deposited are
and will be offered?


The 1st fund CryptoInvestDAO, USDC (1 month – 1%)
The 2nd fund USDT (1 month – 1%): start after the first profit distribution in the 1st fund (on condition that the 1st fund has at least $50K under management).

BNB Smart Chain

The 3rd fund ETH (1 month – 1%): start after the first profit distribution in the 2nd fund (on condition that the 2nd fund has at least $50K under management).

Sequence of funds launch is preliminary, investors can vote for any changes.

We have big plans.

1. Deposits for 3, 6 and 12 months

At the request of investors we can launch new cryptocurrency investment funds with deposits for 3, 6 and 12 months. As for 1-month deposits, the yield will be at a fixed interest rate with even more interesting conditions for investors.

2. Support for new cryptocurrencies

At the request of investors we can launch new cryptocurrency investment funds with the acceptance of deposits in other cryptocurrencies: BTC,  XRP, ADA and others. The choice of cryptocurrency determines the list of available blockchains and vice versa.

3. Support for new blockchains

We can launch new cryptocurrency investment funds on other blockchains at the request of investors. The list of available blockchains depends on several conditions:

  1. blockchain support by the XDAO platform. Currently XDAO supports more than 30 blockchains and plans to support all EVM-compatible networks;
  2. the choice of cryptocurrency;
  3. the profitability of the cryptocurrency investment fund, as the costs of operating on different blockchains are different.


Is it a pyramid scheme?

The cryptocurrency investment fund is created on the basis of DAO, accordingly the list of all contributors and their share in the treasury will be visible. On the day of profit distribution the whole amount will be in the treasury, investors can decide to withdraw funds in full or in part. No pyramid can be built with this approach.

What will the yield be in a year?

At first, the cryptocurrency investment fund will accept deposits for a period of 1 month. Before each new investment cycle, a fixed return for the month will be indicated. At the moment it is 1%. We can’t guarantee that the same percentage on monthly deposits will be in a year. At the request of investors we can launch new cryptocurrency investment funds with the deposits for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months with a fixed interest rate.

Do you have a license?

DeFi protocols are not currently regulated. Of all the DeFi protocols, only AAVE recently received an e-money issuer license, and they applied for this license back in 2018.

What are the risks?

Cryptocurrency investment fund works with cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi protocols and provides only services to find projects for investment and income distribution. The cryptocurrency investment fund is not responsible for any loss of assets related to potential risks like vulnerabilities in smart contracts, hacker attacks, company closures, bankruptcy, suspension or complete halt of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi protocols.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! In case we get a lot of similar questions, they will be added to the FAQ

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